The Driftwood Brothers

With a unique blend of covers and original music, the Driftwood Brothers play an eclectic mix of songs from country western to rock and roll and many points in between. Their music reflects their laid back lifestyle. The two are passionate about surfing, traveling, fishing, horseback riding, camping, and basically enjoying life in the great outdoors around Central California and around the world.

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The Driftwood Brothers are Anthony Randazzo and Kevin Laugharn. They grew up in California dedicating their lives to surfing, playing music, and traveling.

For a good time… Call the Driftwood Brothers!

kevin laugharn

Kevin Laugharn

anthony randazzo

Anthony Randazzo


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Schedule of Shows 2018

Jan 8th (Monday)  -Cass House    Cayucos, CA     5:30-8:30pm

Jan 27th (Saturday)  -Gary Kramer Guitar Cellars      Paso Robles, CA      5:00-8:00pm

Feb 19th (Monday)  -Cass House   Cayucos, CA   5:00- 8:00pm

April 14th (Monday)  -Bodega de Edgar,  Paso Robles, CA  1:00-4:00pm

May 16th (Wednesday)  -Opolo Winery (Industry Party) Paso Robles, CA 5:00-8:00pm

May 18th (Friday)  – The Siren, Morro Bay, CA 8:00- 11:00pm (Driftwood Brothers opening up for B and the Hive)

June 2nd (Saturday)  – Changala Winery  Templeton, CA     5:00-7:00pm

June 18th (Monday) – Cass House  Cayucos, CA 5:00- 8:00pm

June 29th (Friday) – Edna Valley Vineyards  San Luis Obispo, CA 4:30- 7:00pm

July 22nd (Sunday)  -Peachy Canyon   Paso Robles, CA 1:00-4:00pm

July 30th (Monday)  -Cass House  Cayucos, CA  5:00- 8:00pm

Aug 3rd (Friday)  -Harmony Cellars  Harmony, CA  5:00-7:00pm 

Aug 19th (Sunday)  -Peachy Canyon   Paso Robles, CA 1:00-4:00pm

Sept 3rd (Monday)  -Cass House   Cayucos, CA   12:00- 3:00pm

Sept 7th (Friday) -Opolo Winery (Pick up Party) Paso Robles, CA 5:00-7:00pm

Sept 15th (Saturday)  -Peachy Canyon   Paso Robles, CA 1:00-4:00pm

Nov 17th (Saturday)  -Robert Hall Winery  Paso Robles, CA 1:00- 3:30pm

Dec 21st (Friday) -Sweet Springs Saloon   Los Osos, CA 8:00- 11:00pm (Driftwood Brothers opening up for B and the Hive)